You’re feeling irritable, you hate taking your medication, you don’t feel like yourself, or you just want to rationalize your behavior. Sometimes, finding someone to talk to about what’s going on in your life can be beneficial. Life throws you curveballs, and it can be difficult to bounce back from certain situations. Whether you’ve lost a parent, you were sexually assaulted, your pet died, or you are just having a difficult time navigating through your daily activities, finding someone to talk to can alleviate the negative emotions you may be feeling. When you are not feeling like your usual self or even if you need to talk to someone about what’s going on in your life, you’ll want to join our counseling services at Affinity Counseling.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

One of the types of therapy we offer is cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based practice to treat mental disorders. This is a psychosocial intervention that has been used in a majority of counseling services. It focuses on empirical research and helps to develop specific coping strategies so that certain problems and unchanging patterns can be targeted with a healthy solution. When there are negative current problems and unhelpful patterns in cognition, emotional regulation, and behavior, then cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective counseling service that can help those struggling with mental health conditions. Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the basic theory of a combination of cognitive and behavioral psychology. This means that cognitive behavioral therapy is more focused on the problem and is action-oriented so that specific problems can be treated. The therapist focuses more on identifying effective ways to reach positive goals by practicing strategies.

How Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Me?

If you have a mental health condition, then cognitive behavioral therapy can generally help you find healthy strategies to cope with behaviors.This means if you are suffering from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, substance abuse, alcoholism, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other psychotic disorders, then cognitive behavioral therapy is a great option to try. Of course, it’s always a good idea to try any type of counseling service out before committing to it. Each counseling method is different, and the best way to figure out if one will work for you is to meet with a therapist to discuss what you’re looking for.

The Importance Of Having Someone To Talk To

No matter if you’ve been in therapy for a long time or if you’re considering to start, it’s important that you have someone trustworthy to talk to. The counseling services at Affinity Counseling are great for those who want someone to speak with and work any issues out. By meeting with a highly skilled mental health professional, you’ll be able to customize a counseling service to your needs. Each person is different, and we make sure that we target what you’re interested in focusing on for your future. All you need to do is call to take the first step.