laportemikel-1I’ve always been fascinated with the metaphor of True North…that somehow there is this guiding force that points us in the “right” direction and keeps us on our path to fulfillment.  Some find True North in their spiritual connections. Others find it through their relationships.  Still others find it from within, an intuitive voice that whispers to one’s soul.  Inevitably, along life’s journey there are moments when our compass seems to malfunction.  We become uncertain of the direction in which we are headed.  We begin to question the path we are on, or the journey we have taken.  Doubt, fear, stress, anxiety, anger, and even depression can set in.  It is at these times we seek out help from others.  While no one can define our True North for us, we can seek a listening ear who can provide the support and empathy we need to get through these difficult times.  This, I believe, is the role of the counselor.  Not someone to tell you which direction to take, rather someone to help you reconnect with your inner compass to discover the path that is best for you.  Someone to listen empathetically, and to walk side by side with you as you navigate the stormy waters of the tempest until you find yourself in calmer waters.  I would find it an honor to walk with you on your journey, and help you navigate the stormy waters in which you find yourself.  Whether it be working with you as a couple to resolve conflict and strife within your relationship, working with the family unit to create new ways of being and discovering systemic issues that are contributing to the problem, or working with individuals on the specific concerns they have, I am here to walk by your side as you bravely face whatever tempest you may be encountering.

In addition to my Masters in Counseling, I bring almost 45 years of life experience into the counseling relationship.  While I enjoy working with clients from all walks of life, I have a passion for working with my fellow LGBT “family” members.  I especially enjoy working with those who are struggling with their sexual identity and spiritual beliefs, who are attempting to define their sexual identity, or who are in any stage of transition as a transgender individual.  My clinical training was at the Resource Center in Dallas, TX where I had the opportunity to work with individuals and couples who were facing a multitude of issues from infidelity to depression to substance abuse.  I have significant training in Affirmative Therapy for LGBT clients, and take a Gestalt informed approach to therapy, which means I believe the unfinished business we have in our lives leads to the emotional and mental states we are experiencing in the now.  Whether we meet in an office or in your home, my goal is to help you weather the storm and once again find your “True North.”