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Lisa Sylvester, LPC Candidate

I am an M.S. LPC Candidate and Faith Based Counselor

I have lived in the Oklahoma City area since 1995. During this time I have been a career adviser for Veterans, directed caregiving support groups for children with aging parents, and I have been an administrator for an assisted living home for the elderly. I also have a background in gerontology in which I provided care in both clinical and home-based settings. I use a variety of therapeutic methods including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in order to provide treatment that is customized to meet the needs of my clients.

I have worked with both female and male clients ranging in ages from 3 to 93 years, representing a wide range of cultural and religious community backgrounds. I have done extensive work on issues such as anxiety, depression, age-related transitions and physical disabilities among many others.

Beyond the therapy room, I have worked in churches with families, individuals, and couples as a couple counselor. I am dedicated to helping people reach their full potential at whatever stage of life in which they find themselves. I am also committed to assisting others in discovering the empowerment necessary to improve the quality of their lives. Whether you are looking for couples marriage counseling, psychological counseling services, or other therapy services in Oklahoma City, contact me to learn more.